Financial protection against fraud and e-crime

If your trust is damaged – Allianz Trade in Switzerland is here to help.

More and more companies in Switzerland are at risk of falling victim to economic crime. The good news: with us as your partner you can minimise this risk and protect against the consequences.

Every year, thousands of fidelity claims are registered. Cases in which external third parties deliberately damage companies are on the rise – often with considerable financial consequences. But trust in one's own employees is also sometimes abused. Whether spying on internal company information or manipulating data, embezzling assets, targeted sabotage or targeted malware, the risks are numerous.

Why fidelity insurance makes sense

Again and again, companies of all sizes are becoming victims of criminal acts committed either by outsiders or by direct employees and partners – and with intent! The financial losses that small and medium-sized companies in particular face can have devastating consequences.

Comprehensive insurance cover against social engineering & e-crime

Allianz Trade in Switzerland's fidelity insurance offers you comprehensive protection against fraud and e-crime. It covers not only financial losses caused by criminal acts committed by employees and other trusted third parties, but also losses caused by third parties in the form of robbery, theft, or, more recently, sophisticated forms of social engineering fraud.

Social engineering in particular is still underestimated by many companies, especially because this scam is not yet widely known. Here, interpersonal relationships in companies are influenced and exploited in such a way that confidential data or even financial resources are disclosed.


of Swiss companies report that they have been affected by white-collar crime.


of Swiss companies see e-crime as the biggest risk in the next 24 months.


of Swiss companies assume that they will either significantly increase (6%), increase (25%) or maintain (61%) their current means of combating white-collar crime.
Figures from the global white-collar crime survey conducted by PwC in 2018.

Embezzlement – What to do?

In the event of embezzlement in your company, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist for you with all the important information. It tells you what to do and what steps to take.

Payment fraud on the Internet – What to do?

Have you or your company become a victim of payment fraud on the Internet? Everything you need to do now is explained in our checklist, which we have created especially for this situation.

Video: How our fidelity insurance protects your business.
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