E-Commerce credit insurance

Protection against payment defaults in e-commerce

E-commerce credit insurance is the credit insurance that protects you against the risk of payment default. You can offer your customers purchase on account in your B2B online shop and still enjoy peace of mind, because we safeguard your receivables. Our solution is easy to manage and quick to implement. You can offer your customers payment terms on your website and thus increase your sales, while our e-commerce credit insurance reliably protects you against payment defaults.

The process is automated from start to finish and completely transparent for your customer.

If the purchase can be insured, the process is as follows:

  1. Your customer selects the goods he/she wants and puts them in the shopping cart  
  2. We show in real time that the purchase can be insured
  3. Your customer is given the opportunity to buy on account in real time
  4. Your customer selects the desired option from the payment terms offered for his/her purchase
If the purchase cannot be insured, your customer will not be offered the option to buy on account. In the event of non-payment of a receivable insured by us, you will benefit from our experienced payment collection service. If the insured receivable is not collected, we will indemnify you in accordance with the terms and conditions.
Immediate decision
We check insurability in real time during the check-out process and enable you to offer your customer the appropriate payment options.

Automatic cost optimisation
You only pay for the coverage you need – based on your actual requirements.

Gain new customers 

Increase your turnover by offering new customers the option to purchase on account.


Secure your cash flow 
Transactions initiated in your B2B online shop are captured in real time and the customer journey remains simple and 100% digital thanks to the automation of our solution. If an insured receivable is not paid on time, you can simply submit the claim via the interface.
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