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Credit insurance offers invaluable protection when B2B customers fail to pay.

Growth can be risky without it but what would be the annual cost of trade credit insurance for your business?

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Slow payers

Unsure whether to continue offering credit to less reliable customers? Whether they pay late or become insolvent, we step in.

New customers

Attract new customers with competitive credit terms by better understanding the risk and securing each transaction.

Large orders

Grow your business by accepting large orders without the risk of bad debts crippling your business.
Customer credit checks
We analyse the creditworthiness and financial stability of your customers.
Credit limit calculation
Each of your customers has a limit – the maximum amount we will cover if that customer fails to pay.
Business and trade as usual
You trade with your existing customers as you wish, with the risk covered up to the limit.
Trading limit updates
We keep you informed of adjustments to credit limits as they may be raised or reduced when economic conditions change.
New customers
You check the creditworthiness of potential new customers. We confirm agreement or explain if your request is declined.
Making a claim
If a customer fails to pay, we handle amicable and judicial procedures and indemnify you for the insured amount if policy terms have been met - whatever the outcome of our debt collection procedures.

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