Monty Mobile UK is an innovative telecom solutions provider, seeking to position itself as a global leader in fintech. The company chose Allianz Trade trade credit insurance to improve customer service, reduce risk, and fuel continuing growth.

Monty Mobile Group Chief Financial Officer, Randa Naboulsi (pictured above), explains: "Our satisfaction from partnering with Allianz Trade is largely attributed to the confidence that our suppliers or other potential partners and stakeholders have once they know that Allianz Trade is the insurer of our trade credit portfolio."

The company

Monty Mobile UK is part of Monty Mobile Group, a global telecommunications and digital services group that offers mobile and other telecom operators a wide range of services. Many of these services, such as cloud gaming and innovative digital advertising, are developed in-house and are designed to help industry customers optimise their user experience and thus improve their returns.

Monty Mobile has established connections to more than 800 operators and aggregators globally. It operates vital parts of the global mobile infrastructure, such as an SMS hub that transmits text messages between operators worldwide. Through its SMS hub, the company has handled the delivery of over 25 billion messages to date.

In a recent interview with Executive Magazine, Monty Mobile Group’s Founder and Chief Executive, Mountasser Hachem, outlined the company’s ambitious plans for new products and solutions, allowing mobile operators to offer fully digital financial banking services.

The challenge

The rapid acceleration of digitalisation — both at home and at work — has opened up new business opportunities for the company. For instance, banks and other firms send millions of text messages on a daily basis to verify transactions and check customer identity. As more of our everyday lives are transacted online, volumes are naturally rising.

However, expansion comes with its own challenges, creating a clear need for hedging against the risks associated with a growing order book, including increased credit risk. The company carries out a detailed credit assessment of its trade receivables at the end of each financial year, which proves to be a challenge in an interconnected industry with many business relationships.

It was Monty Mobile UK’s bank that initially made it aware of trade credit insurance. The company realised that this would not only solve the immediate problem of reducing business risk, it would also improve customer service, while preventing rivals from deploying their own trade credit insurance as a competitive advantage.

The Allianz Trade solution

In its search to identify the right  trade credit insurance provider, Monty Mobile UK shortlisted the top global providers and arranged meetings with them.

After a thorough selection process, the company opted for Allianz Trade as the provider. Mrs Naboulsi says: "Allianz Trade is the partner of choice for trade credit insurance, due to their professionalism, reputation, and continuous support. Add to this, several of our existing clients are rated and assigned credit limits with Allianz Trade."

The issue of reputation was particularly crucial. In addition to the immediate practical benefits of risk reduction, the company wanted to give a strong signal to the rest of the industry that they could have confidence in Monty Mobile UK as a partner.

Allianz Trade is not only a worldwide leader in trade credit insurance, but its parent company Allianz is a global insurance giant, with 2020 revenues exceeding €140bn.

What’s next

Thanks to the Allianz Trade partnership, Monty Mobile UK has increased credit limits for existing customers and offered credit lines to new ones, while keeping risk under control.

Mrs Naboulsi adds: "In today’s world, trade credit insurance has become necessary for anyone seeking to grow their business with calculated risk."