Tips to grow your business

Growing your business is more than increased sales, it's also about looking for ways to maintain your cash flow, improve your profitability and enhance processes before entering new markets. Discover our tips and insights to take your business to the next level.  

The advantages of trade credit

Trade credit is an efficient tool to fuel your company’s growth. Learn more about the trade credit advantages and disadvantages.

The good and bad forces of the post-Covid economy

Growth opportunities will be balanced by the inevitable risk factors still attached to the easing of the Government support measures.

SMEs: what to consider when going global?

Get some advice on the sectors and countries to consider before exporting goods or services abroad. Read our useful tips when going global!

What are the sources of financing available to SMEs?

Access to business financing is one of the greatest challenges for SMEs today. What are the different financing options available to raise capital? Find out more!

Podcast - How to export with confidence: tips and best practices

How to anticipate and manage export risks? In this podcast, we give you three main tips to help protect your business when expanding to new markets. Listen now!

Podcast - How to select your ideal target markets

Is your business ready for export but not sure which country to choose? In this podcast, we share 6 tips with you to help you choose your target market. Listen now!

How to recover late payment charges overseas

Our Senior Collector Wiebke Harry shares the 3 things you absolutely need to know to recover last payment charges and third party collection costs when exporting.

Ebook - Discovering opportunity in uncertainty

What to consider when thinking about expanding to new markets? This ebook provides tips on how to create a successful market entry and export plan. Download now!

Podcast - Choosing your market entry strategy

In this podcast, we give you export tips and help you explore the two main market entry strategies: exporting or establishing a local presence. Listen now!

Podcast - 8 tips for executing your market entry plan

You’ve prepared your market entry plan and you’re ready to implement it. But how to make sure it will be a success? Listen to the podcast now !

Podcast - 8 steps to prepare your business for markets abroad

If your business is looking to expand to foreign new markets and open to export abroad, listen now to this podcast to make sure your business is ready to make a move.

International collection: understand local specific features

We give you a quick round-the-world overview of the differences to collect unpaid trade receivables.

Understanding cultural differences in export markets

Understanding cultural differences is often the key to success or the cause of misunderstandings in negotiations, but also in payment and debt collection.

Top tips for growing your export markets

How to pick the right customers and ensure you will get paid?