If you have a question on claims or collection, have a look at our guides: how to place a debt for collection, how indemnification works, how to make a claim… and more!

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How to log a collection case

How to place a debt for collection and what happens after? Find out how to log a collection case on our online portal by following our step-by-step infographic.

Top 4 tips to ensure your claim will be paid

Discover the 4 top reasons why claims are rejected and what you can do to ensure the smooth payment of your next claim.

How to make a claim in the event of an insolvency

If your customer becomes insolvent, then you can make a claim to retrieve money lost. Find out how to make a claim and what to expect once your claim is filed.

Reporting overdue or adverse information

If your customer fails to pay on time, prompt reporting is crucial. Find out how and when to place a debt with us for collection and let us know of overdue payments.

Understanding indemnification of collection and legal costs

If you have opted in for our collections service, we will contribute to the costs you pay when we make a collection for you. Find out how indemnification works.

How to submit a claim - for simplicity clients

Where to find our claim form and which documents should you attach? Discover how to submit a claim by following our step-by-step infographic.

10 reasons why you should use our collection services

Discover how we can help you collect your money whether your debt is covered or not under your Policy. Read now the top 10 reasons to use our debt collection services.

What happens when you place a debt for collection

This customer guide explains next steps when one of your customer fails to pay an invoice on time and you’ve been unsuccessful in collecting the payment.

8 results

Trade debtors: Is it business as usual for the food and drink industry, or are suppliers at risk?

With ongoing challenges in many parts of the sector, how can the food and drink industry avoid trade debtors?
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Cash flow issues in business: Rising cost of materials

Higher prices for raw materials is causing cash flow issues in business. What can your SME do to avoid bad debt?
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Buy now pay later for business – big changes ahead for procurement

BNPL for business means firms buying online could get instant extended credit, even for large purchases. And it could lead to wider changes in procurement.
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5 things to look for when building business relationships abroad

Building business relationships abroad can be more challenging than domestic relationships, but the key principles of trust and reliability are the same. Find out what you should look for.
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Move to offsite construction – can it help the construction industry?

With the construction industry facing mounting insolvencies, can a move to offsite construction help? Read more about the construction revolution.
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Insolvency news UK: Business failures hit highest rate for a decade

Quarterly UK insolvency rates show the highest number of business failures in a decade, with the construction sector worst hit
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Transport and logistics

Transport and logistics outlook: bumps in the road

The outlook for the transport and logistics sector is very uneven. Some parts are experiencing strong demand, others are suffering a margin squeeze.
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Benefits of Brexit – is there a silver lining for SMEs?

There has been a lot of talk about a lack of benefits of Brexit for the UK’s small businesses, but are there any positives? We take a look
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Global debt collection: The biggest risks for UK companies

Find out the best and worst places for debt collection, as the Allianz Trade Collection Complexity Ranking considers local payment practices, court proceedings and insolvency frameworks.
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