If you have a question on claims or collection, have a look at our guides: how to place a debt for collection, how indemnification works, how to make a claim… and more!

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How to log a collection case

How to place a debt for collection and what happens after? Find out how to log a collection case on our online portal by following our step-by-step infographic.

Top 4 tips to ensure your claim will be paid

Discover the 4 top reasons why claims are rejected and what you can do to ensure the smooth payment of your next claim.

How to make a claim in the event of an insolvency

If your customer becomes insolvent, then you can make a claim to retrieve money lost. Find out how to make a claim and what to expect once your claim is filed.

Reporting overdue or adverse information

If your customer fails to pay on time, prompt reporting is crucial. Find out how and when to place a debt with us for collection and let us know of overdue payments.

Understanding indemnification of collection and legal costs

If you have opted in for our collections service, we will contribute to the costs you pay when we make a collection for you. Find out how indemnification works.

How to submit a claim - for simplicity clients

Where to find our claim form and which documents should you attach? Discover how to submit a claim by following our step-by-step infographic.

10 reasons why you should use our collection services

Discover how we can help you collect your money whether your debt is covered or not under your Policy. Read now the top 10 reasons to use our debt collection services.

What happens when you place a debt for collection

A Turnover Declaration helps calculate your trade credit insurance premium. Find out what information to include and how to avoid common mistakes.

8 results

Invoice finance: a buyer’s guide (2022 edition)

Invoice finance is a great way to solve business cash flow problems but can be complex to purchase. Here's what UK firms need to know in 2022.
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What to do if you receive a winding up petition

It is vital to act fast if your company receives a winding up petition. You may have just a few weeks to save it. Here’s an outline guide.
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Which sectors are hardest hit by the spring cash drought?

Quarterly insolvency data shows how construction and hospitality sectors face acute cash problems in 2022
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Credit risk management solutions

Discover what solutions exist to protect your business against the risk of bad debt.
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Can we trust machine learning for decision-making?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can deliver many business benefits for SMEs - but only if the technology can be trusted.
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The changing face of business stability

Amid unprecedented turmoil, businesses become stable by adapting to change, not resisting it. The buzzword is "resilience" - and SMEs have some inbuilt advantages.
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How AI and machine learning can make your business more sustainable

AI and ML are more affordable and usable than ever. SMEs can use them to boost sustainability, for instance, by cutting energy use.
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For energy-intensive firms, the heat is on

Business energy contracts renew in April or October, making them crunch months for firms with high energy usage. Businesses need to be prepared for customers to fail.
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What is retention of title? A complete business guide

A business guide to the complex legal issue of retention of title. How can it help recover funds when a customer collapses?
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