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China-Hong Kong-Macau
 Corporate Solutions platform

Suitable for companies that sell their products or services to customers on credit terms:

  • Chinese companies having Hong Kong or Macau subsidiaries for export business
  • Hong Kong or Macau companies having subsidiaries or factories in the Mainland for domestic sales
China-Hong Kong Corporate Solutions platform

Allianz Trade in Asia Pacific recently won the Greater Bay Area Enterprise Awards 2024 from Hong Kong Business! This is the second time receiving this honor, following the year 2023.
We were being honoured in the Business Insurance category for our Allianz Trade Mid-Size Multinational solution which provides tailored trade credit insurance programme for China-Hong Kong companies with an annual turnover of €100m to €300m (HKD 856.37m to HKD 2.57b).

Solution highlights:

  • Tailored for globally operating companies with subsidiaries in multiple countries
  • Protects you almost everywhere against economic and, if needed, political risks
  • Supports you in financing solutions thanks to our solid rating

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  • One contact window
  • Preferential rates, unified policy framework, and easier policy management
  • Speedy decision for your business growth
  • Our grading and TCI policy is recognized by financial institutions, which reassures your financial partners to facilitate access to funding
  • Cover your receivables due within 12 months against risk of non- payment
  • A sophisticated international business model with in-depth knowledge of local rules and practices
企業保險 - 內銷及出口的貿易信用保險

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