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China-Hong Kong    
 Corporate Solutions platform

Suitable for companies that sell their products or services to customers on credit terms:

  • Chinese companies having Hong Kong subsidiaries for export business; 
  • Hong Kong companies having subsidiaries or factories in the Mainland for domestic sales.
China-Hong Kong Corporate Solutions platform
  • One contact window
  • Preferential rates, unified policy framework, and easier policy management
  • Speedy decision for your business growth
  • Our grading and TCI policy is recognized by financial institutions, which reassures your financial partners to facilitate access to funding
  • Cover your receivables due within 12 months against risk of non- payment
  • A sophisticated international business model with in-depth knowledge of local rules and practices
企業保險 - 內銷及出口的貿易信用保險

Want to learn more about China-Hong Kong Corporate Solutions platform? Please do not hesitate to contact our specialist. 

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