Credit Insurance for Large-Sized Companies

Use trade credit insurance to protect your companies' cash flow and receivables   

Whether you want to expand your business in domestic or international markets or protect your key financial accounts, we can help you succeed with our customized credit insurance solutions. We provide your business with a flexible credit and receivable insurance solution that is tailored to fit your size, sector and business ambitions.
Gain access to comprehensive and up to date information on the changing risk within your customer portfolio.  Track and manage customer orders and payments more confidently.
Your trade receivables will be protected and your cash flow and profit line more secure. The strength of the business will be clear to banks, auditors and investors.
Identify opportunities for growth and expansion.  Release resources to develop sales with new customers and in new markets.
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As the director or manager of a medium-sized company you are faced with the challenge of setting credit terms for both existing and new customers and managing the risk of late payment. This task can be complex and time consuming. You want to reduce the time taken and you can see the benefit of decision-making tools that mitigate the credit risk of non-payment when you are targeting growth. Serenity brings you the support of Allianz Trade, one of the major credit companies in trade credit insurance and export credit insurance, bonding and fraud cover. We offer a range of credit solutions designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized credit companies.  We work closely with multinationals and have a strong presence around the world. Working with us gives you access to real time information on your customers and prospects. With our credit management support, you can focus on building your business with confidence.