Protecting your organisation against late payments or insolvencies becomes increasingly complex when you operate in multiple countries and have diverse business activities. That is why you need crystal clear visibility and control when managing complex trading agreements.

International trade credit insurance does more than just offer you extra protection for your business and your bottom line. It also provides you with unique knowledge and data to expand your markets and grow profitably.

Allianz Trade for Multinationals provides you with relevant market and economic information and trade credit insurance solutions so you can focus on your company business and operations with peace of mind.

Our team of experts bring together our local expertise and global reach for companies and financial institutions. We work with you to help you make fast, informed risk decisions that meet globally coordinated compliance standards and optimise your international trade risk management, removing trade barriers.

In addition to dedicated international risk solutions, you can rely on state-of-the-art technology to help you make informed risk management decisions and manage your policies in real-time. 

As the global leader in trade credit insurance, we serve over 66,000 clients, protecting €962 billion business transactions worldwide.

Whether you are entering a new market, trading with new customers, identifying suitable partners or centralising your global operations, we will give you a head start. We track and analyse companies operating in markets representing 92% of global GDP to protect your multinational business from economic uncertainty.

A true end-to-end global commercial
 debt collection service
Ideal for higher risk trade and challenging markets where short-term transactions require additional support.
Our surety bonds give you more security to trade and grow your business when you need it
"Fidelity" covers financial losses caused by your employees and contractors