Business Debt Collection & Recovery

As a debtor insurance policyholder, we are offering business debt collection & bad debt recovery solutions to collect payments at anytime you don’t get paid!

Almost 80% of exporters experience overdue payments.  Late payments  are an unavoidable fact of business life. The longer one waits, the greater the danger is of never collecting the debt. 

Unpaid invoices. can seriously affect your business by slowing cash flow, reducing inventory turnover, harming credit ratings and even tarnishing your company’s reputation. The longer debts remain outstanding, the harder debt collection can be.

Late payments are an unavoidable fact of business life, using a proper bad debt collection strategy to ensure the prompt collection of unpaid invoices is an essential part of doing business. The key is to find resources to ease the inconvenience of managing and collecting late payments while also speeding up resolutions of these unpaid invoices.

Partnering with an organization that specializes in bad debts risk mitigation and collection, like Allianz Trade, is an important first step in recovering commercial debts. Plus, because we provide debt collection services as part of our trade credit insurance offering, we can help you avoid more bad debts before they happen.

As an Allianz Trade debtor insurance policyholder, we are delighted to offer our business debt collection and recovery solutions exclusively at anytime you don’t get paid. Our business debt collection and recovery team works in any market, in any time zone, conduct negotiations in various languages, and deal with the intricacies of any local legal system.​

Here at Allianz Trade a court order is a last resort, not the first step. If our pre-legal action is unsuccessful, we can carry out legal action on your behalf.

Should legal action become necessary, we can provide lawyers who specialise in the trading laws of the individual country involved. They will discuss the case with you in detail – in particular the likely cost and time implications of any legal action that you may wish to consider.

The combination of  trade credit insurance  and business debt collection helps to speed and simplify all the processes involved. Using this combined debtor insurance service solution Allianz Trade takes care of all the administrative duties connected with collecting companies' debts.​
Allianz Trade is the worldwide leader of credit insurer in trade credit insurance and offers expert solutions such as accounts receivable insurance, business debt collection, bad debt protection, trade credit, trade credit management, cash flow management, xol, debtor insurance, collect overdue payments, late payments and unpaid invoices. Our mission is to help customers globally to avoid trade risk, trade wisely and develop their business safely.
Clients worldwide
83 Million
Businesses monitored in 160 countries
AA Rating
by Standard & Poor's
We have over 500 business commercial debt col​lections professionals worldwide. They have what it takes to recover your money, without risking your all-important trading relationships.
Unlike many agencies, we never undertake consumer collections. We only collect late payments from businesses. This is where we focus our expertise, and where we have unrivaled experience.
Our financial strength gives you security for a long term partnership. We’re a company of Allianz, and have a Standard & Poor’s financial rating of AA.
The ability to listen, educate and instil trust are all factors that smooth dialogue with a late-paying customer. Collectors explain they are there to help find a solution. They therefore explain the position of the supplier who has submitted the outstanding invoice payment for them to collect, that they do not intend to act as their customers’ bank. Customers understand these arguments. Debt collectors, as a neutral party in the customer’s eyes, can quickly pinpoint the source of the payment problem, and then find a solution that satisfies both sides and contributes to unpaid invoices and debt recovery. If the late payment is the result of a dispute over the order, they collect a description of the shortcomings in question from the customer and the “undisputed” aspects to report this information back to the supplier. If cash flow is the problem, they will suggest rescheduling reasonable proportions.