E-Commerce Credit Insurance

Activate Buy-Now-Pay-Later payment option and maximise sales revenue

Grant your customers deferred payment terms immediately and enable a seamless customer journey!


With E-Commerce Credit Insurance, you’ll be able to: 

  • Offer deferred payment terms to online shoppers in real-time
  • Get credit risks underwritten by the world’s leader in trade credit insurance
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Our solution is easy to manage and quick to set up:

  • Setup is simple using our API connector and comprehensive developer portal.
  • Real-time underwriting decisions for transactions up to SG$50,000 per invoice and the ability to request higher limits when needed.
  • Claims can be filed directly using the API.

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business growth illustration
By offering your customers to pay later, you give yourself the opportunity to increase the value of your average basket, acquire new customers and maximise your growth.
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Your transactions are covered in real time and your customers’ journey remains simple and 100% digital thanks to the automation of our solution. If a guaranteed invoice is not paid when due, you are compensated.
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Allianz Trade is the world leader in trade credit insurance. We are the first to offer you insurance against unpaid invoices in real time via a REST API.
Registration number or Business name and address are enough to be identified by Allianz Trade

Allianz Trade E-commerce credit insurance is integrated into the e-merchants website. The e-merchant will keep full control on its corporate buyers and will drive the customer experience  as per normal.


The premium fees applied is a % on each approved transactions and is including all Allianz Trade services like credit assessment, credit risk and debt collection. It can be invoiced on quarterly or half-year basis.