Trade Credit Solution For Small And Medium-Sized Companies

Make trading easier, improve profitability and grow your business 

You may think that credit insurance is complex or only suited for large or multinational companies. However, credit insurance can be essential to ensuring a small business’ continued success. It can provide powerful information and support that your business might not have otherwise.   
Machinery and Equipment Sector Outlook report 2022
According to the Singapore Department of Statistics, the total number of enterprises in Singapore has increased from 273,100 in 2019 to 291,600 in 2021. Of that, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make up 99% of all enterprises and support 71% of total employment. While 80% of SMEs are locally owned, the remaining 20% are foreign-owned. Download the full report by filling the form now. 


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As an entrepreneur you are constantly striving to build your business. Every day you make decisions that combine the challenges of chasing opportunities of  risk management  . If a customer fails to pay, the consequences can be serious – the survival of your business may even be jeopardized. As a major player in trade credit solution bonding and fraud cover, we work closely with small and medium-sized companies that are investing for growth. We have listened to your needs and responded with  business insurance  policies made the way you want them. Simplicity is  trade credit insurance  for entrepreneurs who manage risk professionally and grow their businesses with confidence. A short and simple application process makes life easier.  Structured prices mean you can quickly work out the cost for your business and see the value you will gain.     
Our online customer portal makes your policy easy to understand and manage. Use our predictive information to grow your business with confidence.
Our straightforward process makes it simple and easy to set up a policy. You can then sell on open account terms to get ahead of the competition at home or in export markets.
Immediate cover will put your  accounts receivable  under control and protect your cash flow.  Access more favourable terms from banks and other lenders.
Allianz Trade is the worldwide leader of credit insurer in trade credit insurance and offers expert solutions such as accounts receivable insurance, business debt collection, bad debt protection, trade credit, trade credit management, cash flow management, xol, debtor insurance, collect overdue payments, late payments and unpaid invoices. Our mission is to help customers globally to avoid trade risk, trade wisely and develop their business safely.
What is credit management?  Credit management is defined as your company’s action plan to guard against  late payments or defaults by your customers. An effective credit management plan uses a continuous, proactive process of identifying risks, evaluating their potential for loss and strategically guarding against the inherent risks of extending credit. Having a credit management plan helps protect your business’s cash flow, optimizes performance and reduces the possibility that a default will adversely impact your business. No two businesses are alike. That’s why your business needs a credit management plan tailored to its needs, industry and customers. That said, experts agree that effective risk management best practices include optimizing contract management and  accounts receivable collections, identifying and analyzing the risk of new clients defaulting on payments and creating a proactive credit risks mitigation plan.