Evolve your credit management

Guesswork is extinct.  Help your organization avoid catastrophic losses and grow profitability with trade credit insurance.

Bad debts happen, even with the most conservative credit management strategy. But you can protect your organization from payment issues with trade credit insurance.

With a Allianz Trade trade credit insurance policy, you get:

  • Unrivaled trade risk insights to help you pick the right customers so you can grow safely and avoid more bad debts
  • A safety net to reimburse you if you do encounter cash flow disruption due to payment defaults, slow payments, or customer insolvencies
  • Debt collection to address your current unpaid receivables

Complete the form to request a free risk assessment and quote tailored to your business.

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Your free risk assessment with one of our trade risk experts will include:

  • An analysis of two of your customers' potential risks
  • Insights into risk in their industry – including late payment and defaults 
  • Coverage estimates 

Backed by Allianz and with more than 125 years of expertise, Allianz Trade' global business intelligence is unrivaled. 

What you should expect:

With our trade credit insurance, you can choose the best customers and markets for your business, improve your financial health and protect your cash flow from bad debt losses. That's all powered by the world's most comprehensive risk database.

Beyond the data, we make sure we deploy our credit risk experts in all U.S. states, major Candian provinces, and 52 countries across the globe – all so they have local market insights when you need them.

What you shouldn't expect:

You won't have to listen through pre-recorded messages to get help. 

When you get a policy, you'll have direct access to a dedicated account management team that takes the time to understand your business so it can act as an extension of your credit department. delivering the best service possible.

"Allianz Trade works with us to get the best coverage for our accounts and cover us if a loss does happen – that's where the value comes from. It's a much better strategy than what we had before and extremely warranted."

– Chris Lewon, Owner/Operator of Utah Metal Works

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Protect against bad debt loss and get paid by customers as expected  
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Safely and aggressively grow sales with new and existing customers
Trade Risk Data
Use our proprietary knowledge to make the best business decisions 
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Turn receivables into insured assets to improve bank financing terms 

"When we look at our payments for credit insurance, what we're paying for, we're not necessarily just looking at the protection against losses. We're really looking at buying a framework to evaluate credit decisions quickly to expand our business."

– Alain Côté, CFO of Genetec