​Pressure and Potential in the Digital Age​


Euler Hermes’ Digitail (Digital Retail) survey measures risks related to the rapid digitization of the retail sector. Our scorecard aims to gauge the digital pressure and digital potential based on ten indicators in twelve countries. 

It is derived from secondary data such as financials and national statistics, as well as in-house expert judgment from 1,500 credit analysts and underwriters around the world. Omni-channeling, cost of online presence, and mobility are perceived as the top three industry disruptors. Yet there is much regional and local divergence.

In-depth profiles are available for each of these 12 countries. 


Four groups of countries emerge from the study: 


  • First, the US, the UK, Germany and South Korea are under the most intense pressure to transform their business model. Yet most retailers in these markets are well positioned to deliver these changes. 
  • Second, France, Japan, and to a lesser extent Italy and Spain, face major pressures for change from customers. Yet their readiness is limited. 
  • China and India are keenly aware of the benefits of digitization but external pressures are kept at bay. 
  • Last, in Brazil and Russia, the retail sector is outdated, and market players struggle with structural difficulties.
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