Euler Hermes is now Allianz Trade, the world leader in trade credit insurance.

With Allianz Trade Credit Insurance, you can choose the best customers and markets for your business, improve your financial health and protect your cash flow from bad debt losses. You can bid for more contracts, re-design your customer portfolio or launch a new venture.

We’ve designed insurance, surety, guarantees, debt collections and other instruments that meet the demands of industries around the world.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit India badly, with the economy already in a vulnerable state at the end of 2019. We expect GDP to contract by -7.2% in fiscal year (FY) 2020-21 (ending 31 March 2021), followed by a partial recovery of +6.5% in FY2021-22. India could be among the laggards in the economic recovery due to the difficult management of the pandemic domestically, its comparatively small exposure to the global recovery and more limited room for domestic stimulus.
Risks to the outlook are on the downside. In the near term, besides the risk of an even more serious Covid-19 outbreak, we are wary of the leeway for and efficiency of policy stimulus. Public debt is expected to rise towards 75% of GDP in 2020. 
Clients worldwide
83 Million
Businesses monitored in 160 countries
AA Rating
by Standard & Poor's
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Our aim is to help businesses become successful. Our knowledge of industries, companies and countries will help you make the right decisions and avoid risks. We offer efficient solutions for all situations, even when the business climate is challenging, working to protect your business and safeguard your corporate financial health. We provide credit insurance and other services for risk management when you trade at home or overseas. We help you collect your debts with services tailored to your needs. We provide surety to reassure business partners your contractual obligations will be met. Our proprietary data helps you select the best companies to trade with and the right terms to offer them. We examine and monitor possible credit threats to your business. Our objective is to help you avoid financial losses and fully understand the financial stability of your business partners. When you have a payment default, we manage claims to give you confidence and peace of mind, so that you can focus on developing your business.