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Trade Credit Insurance offers invaluable protection when B2B customers fail to pay.

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At Allianz Trade, we empower businesses worldwide to navigate risk and achieve growth. As part of the Allianz Group, we operate in over 70 countries, offering comprehensive solutions beyond just insurance.

Our mission is to be your trusted partner in managing credit risk. We provide a 360-degree approach, including preventative customer risk assessment, debt recovery services, and compensation in case of non-payment.

With our strong financial backing, including an A rating from Standard & Poor's, you can focus on building your business with confidence.

Embower intormed decisions. Access a comprehensive view of your customers' credit risk and effortlessly monitor orders and payments.
Don't leave profits and cash flow at risk. Protect your trade receivables and boost your financial standing with banks, auditors, and investors.
Grow smarter, not harder. We help you identify the best growth opportunities, allowing you to optimize resources and develop sales with new customers and markets, domestically and abroad.

At your side, every step of the way. Our mission is to empower your business success. Leverage our In-depth and accurate data on industries, companies, and countries to make informed decisions and navigate risk with confidence.

We otter comprehensive credit insurance and risk management servIces, acting as a trusted partner for your domestic and international ventures.

For your partners, our guarantees provide peace of mind, assuring them that contractual obligations wIll be met. in the unfortunate event of customer insolvency or non-pavment. vou'll receive compensation for delivered goods and services, ensuring financial security.

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CASE STUDY: Protection Against Large Unpaid Invoices

When the unexpected happened, such as a non-payment by major buyers. Our clients benefit from credit protection, and also solutions to mitigate your loss by maximizing recovery.


How did Trade Credit Insurance support the growth, as well as the credit and business risk management of Barakat Vegetables & Fruits Co. (L.L.C.)?

CASE STUDY: Metal Care Center

Discover the benefits which Trade Credit Insurance provided to a long standing policyholder

3 results