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Protect your cash flow, insure your trade and grow with confidence. 
Trade credit insurance covers your receivables due within 12 months so that your cash flow is safeguarded.
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If you’re concerned about bad debts holding your business back, peace of mind is a step away.  Our product for SME is designed to cut the time you spend managing customer debts so that you can focus on what you do best: building the business. kkkkkkkk


More than 4 out of 5 day-to-day business-to-business transactions are based on credit terms.  If customers fail to pay your financial assets will be under pressure.  You already have credit control but you need something more.  For complete confidence, access our unique predictive information and credit insurance service range.
Trade credit insurance for multinationals. Tailored risk management solutions against payment default, insolvency, political risks worldwide.

Allianz Trade in Middle East
Allianz Trade in Middle East
Olympic Games
Allianz Trade joins the Olympic and Paralympic Movements through the Allianz Global Insurance Partnership. To support athletes and their teams to gain the confidence to achieve their goals, Allianz offers them mentorship, career opportunities, health promotion activities, and insurance solutions.
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