Euler Hermes is now Allianz Trade

Trust is one of the hardest things to earn and one of the easiest to lose. That is why everyone at Euler Hermes would like you to know that, while we may have changed our name, our century-old commitments to you have never been stronger. We are now called Allianz Trade. But nothing will be different when it comes to honouring our world-renowned heritage as a trade credit insurance and surety bonds provider. You can rely on the same proud legacy of personalised service, market wisdom and passion for excellence that Euler Hermes has always delivered.

There is a lot to be excited about in this new chapter, and we have only just begun to explore the wider scope of possibilities. This opportunity provides you access to a larger network of expertise, a broader range of solutions, and more ways to stay one step ahead and in control.

At Euler Hermes, the relationships we have maintained for generations with our customers and partners mean the world to us. So, it goes without saying that we want to bring the world to those we service and inform. This global reach can only happen by discovering new pathways to growth and ingenuity that benefit those who matter most: our customers and partners.

Changing our brand name to Allianz Trade means being a legacy enterprise with higher visibility and greater possibilities to expand our range of tailored solutions. There are countless advantages to rebranding as Allianz Trade. With the increased visibility this transformation offers, we can provide you an ever-broadening scope of insight, knowledge and solutions. For your business, this new depth and breadth of access translates into sounder decisions for a brighter future. That is the vision that has driven Euler Hermes for more than 100 years.

Perhaps you have had a Euler Hermes trade credit insurance policy for years. Or maybe you have recently discovered how your business can benefit from our surety bonds, debt collections services, structured trade credit and political risk solutions. The good news is you can keep relying on all of the Euler Hermes solutions and our unparalleled economic research, analyses and ratings. In addition, all of the information currently on our website remains valid, so you don’t need to search for any modifications. And the same Euler Hermes people are still here to help. The only difference is they’ll say Allianz Trade when they pick up the line.

Since our promise is confidence in tomorrow and peace of mind, we also have not changed the terms of any Euler Hermes solutions or insurance policies. Whether your business is small, medium or a multinational group – working with Euler Hermes World Agency – you’ll find the same details still apply to our range of trade credit insurance solutions. When it comes to surety bonds, rest assured your business will keep trading with the same reliable Euler Hermes surety bonds.

Euler Hermes has enjoyed a strong presence in the Asia Pacific for a very long time. We put a lot of stock in the relationships and reputation we have built in these countries, and we will continue to grow with you where you’re established. Heritage and longevity have been consistent keys to our success.

That is why we are pleased to say that the local Euler Hermes offices in Asia Pacific are staying put. The only changes planned for these locations are new signs that will now say Allianz Trade. Your regular contacts and access to our services remain intact as well.

If you’d like to reach us, do not hesitate to ring our Customer Service  at the same Euler Hermes phone numbers you may have already saved. As for messages, you can still write us at the same email addresses. Our email addresses will change slightly (ending in, but the old ones will still work – so you can reach us whenever you need to. You might also wish to submit an online form to get a new policy underway, to request information or to provide feedback. All of this and more can be found on our contact page

Euler Hermes Economic Research has a long history of keeping its customers informed with invaluable insights and forecasts, including Euler Hermes country risk ratings. Now that we are Allianz Trade, you can look forward to keeping benefiting from top-quality news, reports and research to assist you in your trading decisions. We invite you to click on the links below to read our latest press release and news. And remember to keep an eye on our Resources section where you will find articles and  publications on a whole range of pertinent topics such as cash flow management, growing your business, risk prevention and customer stories.

As the global leader in trade credit insurance, Euler Hermes has been providing companies of all sizes powerful tools and one-of-a-kind business intelligence. Our goal for over 100 years has been to mitigate risk and give companies confidence in tomorrow. Delivering this inspiring vision demands teams and talent that can make data and technology actionable in the real world of international trade. Learn about our openings and careers opportunities at Allianz Trade in APAC and beyond, and see how our inclusive company culture, people-centred approach and attractive opportunities can advance your future — and how you can help shape ours: Careers at Allianz Trade.

Please check our rebranding FAQ page for answers to common questions. For further information, feel free to contact us.