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Our role at Allianz Trade & Allianz Economic Research is to be a look-out post, analyzing key economic, political and social trends that shape the future of businesses worldwide.

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Oct 05, 2022 | trade2022

Globalization 2.0: Can the US and EU really “friendshore” away from China?

Globalization is changing, not dying, but mounting geopolitical tensions are pushing the US and Europe towards reducing their dependence on China. Yet ‘friendshoring’ is easier said than done.

a woman discussing with someone about payment terms

Apr 26, 2021

How to negotiate payment terms with customers

Negotiating payment terms with customers can be a difficult equation to solve without compromising your financial situation, Allianz Trade HK is here to help!

a man using laptop about cash flow forecast

Nov 06, 2020

How to make a cash flow forecast

By analysing cash flow management & creating forecast, you'd be able to spot trends of your business that might need cash or prevent cash flow problems!

Aug 18, 2020

Internal Methods of Controlling Accounts Receivable

Strong internal credit control procedures for managing accounts receivable are critical to improving cash flow, combating the risk of fraud and loss of assets.

playing chest of accounts receivable

Aug 18, 2020

Managing Imbalanced Accounts Receivable Risk

Managing accounts receivable comes with inherent credit risks that affects cash flow and the insight you have for your receivables. Click to see typical risks!

May 20, 2020

Unpaid invoices: How to maintain a good customer relationship

Relations between customer & supplier can become strained if payments are late, and turning into unpaid invoices that are the result of cash flow problems.

Oct 29, 2019

Here's how to avoid the snowball effect of unpaid invoices

Compared to 2018, bankruptcy numbers are up again and hamper global economic growth. How can you stop a single unpaid invoice from snowballing?

Accounts Receivable Insurance: Understanding the Benefits and Costs

May 14, 2019

Accounts Receivable Insurance: Definition & Costs

Accounts receivable insurance also called trade credit insurance, protects companies against customers that fail to pay by securing their accounts receivable.

36 results

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