machinery and equipment industry report 2022
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Pharmaceutical Industry 2023 Outlook

Machinery and Equipment Sector Outlook report 2022

New medicines feed medium-term growth

Following the declaration of Covid-19 pandemic by WHO in March 2020, for many industries it represented a halt in production, supply chain issues and a decrease in sales, for pharmaceuticals it was an opportunity to research and develop, sell new vaccines and curative Covid-related treatments worldwide. Over the ensuing two years in, the sector’s global revenues grew by around +8.5% y/y and +15.5% y/y in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

While US and European pharmaceutical companies saw the highest revenue growth in 2021 (+18.8% y/y) and Asian companies saw the highest growth in 2022 (+20.6% y/y), we believe the industry’s pandemic-driven revenue growth has already peaked in the same year. Our latest report dissects into the characteristics of the sector, strengths and weaknesses, sector risks and regional outlook and more. Get your copy today!

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