For companies exporting for higher risk countries.
The Short-Term Export Credit Scheme is a COSEC export credit insurance with the guarantee of the Portuguese State, to cover individual export transactions of goods and services with national content, for minimum commitment values of € 10,000.00 and a repayment term of up to 2 years.

All markets, except countries with marketable risks, which are excluded from coverage:

  • The countries of the European Union.
  • The following OECD countries: Australia, Canada, USA, Iceland, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Switzerland.
The application must be formalized by completing the form available here.

If you intend to file a claim under the Short-Term Export Credit Insurance Line, you must go to your personal area.

The form should only be filled in if the delay of payment of invoices due exceeds 60 days.

For companies that want to cover exports with payment terms.

The Supplier Credit Cover, guaranteed by the Portuguese State, covers individual export transactions against the repayment default of a public or private buyer, arising from political, monetary and catastrophic events, and it can also cover commercial risks.


It is intended for companies that export goods or services with national content and for banks that finance such exports, as assignees of the right to compensation.

Single risk export transactions of goods and/or services, with national content, whose repayment period is equal to or greater than 2 years.

The OECD Consensus general terms and conditions apply to these transactions.

This insurance allows the exporter to be protected against the risks of non-payment by the importer. The importer may be a public or private buyer. The lack of payment may arise from several situations that constitute the risks covered.

Banks that finance such exports may also benefit from this insurance, as assignees of the right to compensation.

Designed for banks financing medium and long term transactions.

Buyer Credit Cover is a State-guaranteed product which directly covers non-repayment of export financing caused by political, monetary, and catastrophic events, and may also include commercial risk, regardless of the operations’ credit term.


This product is intended for all credit institutions that finance the export of goods and services with national content. Insurable credits are classified as those arising from financing operations to importers (individual operations or credit lines) or to exporters (pre-financing).

Financing to importers (single risk transactions or dredit lines) are eligible - these transactions may include the cover of ILC, leasing and project finance transactions.

In the case of transactions with a repayment term equal to or greater than 2 years, the OECD Consensus general terms and conditions apply.

  • Study of the transaction, as well as the economic and financial situation of the importers and country risk.
  • Technical support in the analysis of international contracts.
  • Provides the exporter with access to financing.
  • The credit risk is shared, according to the insured proportion.
  • Follow-up of covered risks to prevent possible non-compliance.
  • Compensation for losses caused by non-payment of credit in the insured proportion.
In the scope of the products specially destined for export, the following risks are covered:
  • Protracted default of the public buyer.
  • General moratorium decreed by government of the country of the debtor.
  • War, civil war, revolutions, and riots.
  • Decision or act of the importing country that prevents the export.
  • Any measure or decision of Portuguese authorities specifically targeting external trade, including those of the European Union (e.g., embargo).

Manufacturing risk:

  • Suspension or revocation of the order during the manufacturing period due to arbitrary repudiation of the commercial contract or refusal to accept the goods and services delivered.

Commercial risk:

  • Insolvency of the private debtor and, if any, of its guarantor.
  • Protracted default of the private buyer.
  • Transfer risk.
  • Convertibility risk.
  • Hurricanes and floods.
  • Nuclear accidents.
  • Earthquakes or tsunamis.
  • Volcanic eruptions.
The information provided on this page does not exempt the consultation of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.