The Investment Insurance Abroad provides cover for political risk insurance for the Portuguese investors against the main political events of Expropriation, War and Transfer and Inconvertibility Risks and where appropriate Breach of Contract.
This product is intended for legal persons established in Portugal; natural persons of Portuguese nationality, as long as they are associated with legal persons with secure investments; and for credit institutions with head offices in Portugal.

The following are considered to be insurable investments:

  • Equity participations (shares in a company acquired upon its formation, during a capital increase or purchased from a withdrawing shareholder).
  • Investment-like loans (shareholder or bank loans).
  • Earnings due (dividends or interest).

The transactions that may be the object of the investment include value applications that have the following as objectives:

  • Incorporation of a company; total or partial acquisition of an already incorporated company (including acquisition under a privatization process).
  • Modernization, expansion, and/or restructuring of a company’s activity.
  • Opening of a branch, agency, representative office, or establishment, autonomous for accounting purposes.

Bank loans are autonomous, with different general policy conditions, and their cover is necessarily associated with the Investment.

The Investment Insurance Abroad only covers risks resulting from political events, namely:

  • Expropriation, nationalization, confiscation, and other measures with equivalent effects.
  • War, revolutions, and riots.
  • Difficulties in transfer or convertibility and general moratorium.
  • Breach of contract between the investor and the government of the country of destination, in cases where it is impossible to obtain or execute a judicial or arbitral award.

This insurance does not cover the commercial risks associated with the investment.

The information provided on this page does not exempt the consultation of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.