the righ tmoment to protect your receivables

to protect your trade receivables

Navigating economic uncertainty

#therightmoment: facing the challenges of 2024

2024 is shaping up to be a year of significant challenges for the global political and economic landscape, marked by recent events that have created a climate of uncertainty.

With a major electoral cycle underway, involving countries that represent 60% of the global GDP, and the reduction of government support, businesses are facing an increasingly complex market.

The forecast of a +9% increase in corporate insolvencies globally highlights a reality in which companies, especially the most vulnerable ones, must face increasing risks.

Proactive credit management thus becomes not only strategic but essential, because each non-payment, even of small amount, can have significant implications on company turnover.

Why choose credit insurance today

In the current global economic context, Trade Credit Insurance emerges as a valuable opportunity offering not only the chance to expand business with peace of mind but also crucial information and not always easily accessible insights on the customer portfolio, coupled with effective protection against insolvency risks.

In B2B commerce, when payment extensions are granted, two main risk scenarios emerge:

Customer's inability to pay within the defined terms due to financial-economic difficulties

• Customer undergoing insolvency proceedings

A Trade Credit Insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage for both these scenarios, offering targeted and reliable protection.

Your moment, with Allianz Trade

In this scenario, #therightmoment to act is now. Our solution? Trade Credit insurance, a comprehensive strategy to protect your company from insolvency risks and ensure effective credit management.

Our eBook offers more than just a guide on credit insurance. It is a valuable resource that provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge necessary to confidently face 2024. You will discover practical strategies and valuable insights to anticipate and mitigate risks, allowing your company to operate with confidence in an uncertain market context.