Bonds and gurantees

Bonds and guarantees

Use guarantees backed by a high rating and gain the trust of your business partners

Give your international suppliers valuable reassurance and ensure they deliver as agreed. A bond issued on your behalf lets your suppliers know that you can meet your contractual commitments as long as they deliver on their side.  When you use our bond service we assume your third party liabilities as an independent guarantor.  As part of a global insurer we are accepted as equal to a bank while being more flexible in response to your needs. 
Where you need to set up a bond, guarantee or other form of security to support a contract.
Provide complete information for review and assessment by our specialist team.  They will share insight and advice.
We act as a completely independent guarantor for your contract, acting on the defined and agreed terms.
The costs you have incurred can be recovered if the contractor defaults due to insolvency or another reason.
Our knowledge and expertise of each specific business sector enable us to provide you with standard bonding solutions such as:
  • Variable duration
  • The reliability of an offer in a tendering procedure
  • 6 months duration
  • The proper use of advance payments for a contractual obligation
  • 2 years duration
  • The proper performance of a contractual obligation
  • 5 years duration
  • The elimination of deficiencies during a warranty period of a contractual obligation
This list of standard bond types is not exhaustive, Allianz Trade can also provide you with tailored bonding solutions.
Our AA rating from Standard & Poor's provides your financial partners and beneficiaries with the confidence to trade at home or overseas. 
Use our bonds and take the pressure off your bank credit line.  The additional liquidity will be available for other calls on cash facilities.
Benefit from our global insights, local presence and in-depth expertise to meet your need for guarantees that safeguard international trade.