No, it is not necessary. When you obtain a trade credit insurance policy with us, you gain access to our professional debt collection service. This service operates globally and handles debts of all sizes. To learn more about our debt collection service, please visit the relevant information page.

We initiate the process with phone calls and letters that clearly convey the request, leveraging our name and reputation in the market. If needed, we can engage in negotiations with your customer on your behalf.

Should these initial steps not yield results within an acceptable timeframe, we can offer a legal service that encompasses everything from obtaining a judgment to enforcing action. Before taking any legal action, we will have a discussion with you to ensure transparency and alignment with your preferences.

The duration of debt collection varies based on the specific case and country involved. Economic, political, and cultural factors can significantly influence customer behavior. Our primary goal is to reach an agreement with the debtor as swiftly as possible, avoiding the need for legal action, which can lead to prolonged delays. When you collaborate with our collection teams, they will have detailed discussions with you about what to anticipate and provide an estimation of the expected timeframe. If you are entering into trade with new countries, you may find our debt collection app helpful, which can be downloaded for useful information and assistance.
Sometimes we follow all the usual steps (before legal action) without success.  At that stage we’ll discuss the situation with you and explain what options are available.  If decide to stop the collection activity at that point and we’ll close the case.  Alternatively, you might want to take legal action.  If it’s appropriate, we’ll let you know the chances of success, how long it could take and what it might cost so that you can decide whether to proceed.  
Absolutely. We are committed to protecting your customer portfolio.  As a third party with a global reputation, local knowledge and deep insight into customer finances, we can often negotiate more effectively to make sure you receive payments when they are due.  
Your guarantee of a global service is our network of offices in 50 countries, including all the major economies in the world. That presence on the ground is backed by close partnerships with lawyers and collection agents in many more territories.  In total we can reach into over 130 countries.  
Yes.  Around the world we employ more than 600 dedicated commercial debt collectors. We constantly invest in their training and the development of their skills.  The team is closely coordinated, working with systems and processes that define best practice in debt collection.
Our collectors don’t just work for us, they work for you.  They are ambassadors for your organization when they focus on collecting the payments owed to you.