In order for your claim to be processed immediately without delay, please make sure that you submit us the following documents:

  •  Claims & Collection form
  •  Statement of account
  • Outstanding invoices
  • Proof of delivery of goods and/or provision of services
  • Sale order and/or sales contract or similar documents


Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and we may require additional documents on a case by case basis. In case you do not have any of the documents in your possession, please provide your written clarifications to us with your good justification and we will provide you with our feedback.

You can file a claim if the buyer fails to make the payment on the original due date of the invoice. In such a case, you have the option to extend the due date up to the Maximum Extension period (MEP) stated in your Policy. If the buyer still does not honor the payment by the extended due date, you have 90 days after the MEP expiration to submit a claim to us.
The level of indemnity provided by our policies can range from 80% to 100% of the debt amount. The specific percentage depends on the type of policy you choose, how you handle credit terms, the condition of your accounts receivable portfolio, and your premium target. We assure you that we will provide clear information upfront and avoid any unexpected surprises. When setting up your policy, we will provide examples to guide you through the process.

In case your buyer is insolvent, you will get a claim payment within 30 days from the day the buyer is insolvent provided that you submit all of the required documents to us.


However, if the buyer is not insolvent then the Policy covers the occurrence of a Protracted Default of a buyer.

Protracted default, refers to a non-payment of a buyer after a waiting period of usually 5-6 months, which starts from the day of your Claim filing date. In this case, the Claim Payment will t be made within 30 days from the Protracted Default date. 

Yes, you can file a claim and monitor progress on your current claims via our online portal EOLIS, available 24/7.
The Claim Payment is limited to an Insured Percentage, which is usually up to 90% of the Insured Loss. Once we process the Claim Payment to you, we will be subrogated for the amount of the Claim Payment. If you subsequently manage to recover the entire debt amount, you are entitled to retain the 10% related to the self-retention portion, and you will only need to refund our portion, which is up to 90% of the total claim amount.
We will be subrogated for the amount of the Claim Payment; however, it is more effective to pursue the full debt amount without being limited to only the amount of our Claim payment. In such cases, we will work towards recovering the entire outstanding debt, not just the portion covered by our Claim payment.
We conduct regular reviews of buyers, keeping track of their updated financial information. If a buyer's debt repayment indicates a resolution of their financial issues, it is possible that we may upgrade the buyer's status, which could lead to the approval of your request for a reinstatement of the credit limit.