Corporate Advantage

Protect and grow your business.  Have the confidence to trade, and get paid.

Corporate Advantage is an insurance policy that covers trade credit receivables in both domestic and export markets.  It is protection against your customers’ failure to pay their trade debts due to insolvency or because they failed to pay within the agreed timeframe.
It has a straightforward policy structure offering a choice of more than 80 options and simple wording that makes information quick to find.  It’s most beneficial to mid-sized and large companies that require a customised solution for their company, sector and growth ambitions.   
  • Customer health check: The credit worthiness and financial stability of your customer portfolio is checked against our database of 40 million businesses.
  • Credit limit calculated: Carefully calculated limits guide your decisions on how much risk to accept as you manage customer relationships.
  • Business as usual: You trade with your existing customers, up to the value of the limit, putting you in control of the customer portfolio.
  • Trading limit updates: Automatic updates feed new insights into your customer relationship management and credit risk appetite.
  • Real-time information:  You can access and manage your policy anytime and receive real-time coverage decisions with the click of a button with our online tool, EOLIS.
  • Making a claim: If a customer fails to pay you give the details to us and we indemnify you for the insured amount on customers covered by your policy if the debt cannot be collected.


EOLIS is an ‘always on’ technology platform that helps you manage all your trade receivables.

It’s a web-based risk monitoring service that gives you a better grip on risk and opportunity management.
It’s a secure e-commerce service that complements trade credit insurance.