Qatar's Country Risk Rating Upgraded: A Small Country with Great Potential

Qatar on the Global Stage


In recent times, the small but dynamic nation of Qatar has been making remarkable strides on the global stage. Despite its size, Qatar has captured the attention of the international community, leading to an upgrade in its country risk rating. This upgrade comes as a testament to Qatar's resilience, strategic significance, and improved political stability, marking a turning point for the country's economic prospects.

As a result of these positive developments shown below, Qatar's Medium-Term Rating has been upgraded to BB from B. This rating reflects the growing consensus towards the stabilization of the region and signifies the reduced risks associated with investing in Qatar. Read more about our country risk ratings methodology


  • Unlike elsewhere in the region, leadership has been passed to a younger generation, providing a degree of popular support in the short term
  • U.S. military support affords some regional protection
  • Long-term development strategy that has accelerated diversification away from upstream oil and gas
  • Large foreign asset base, including a Sovereign Wealth Fund estimated at broadly twice the size of annual GDP


  • Qatar as an Alternative Natural Gas Supplier

Qatar's growing prominence as an alternative supplier of natural gas has also significantly influenced the upgraded risk rating. The nation has emerged as a key player in the global energy market, providing a reliable source of natural gas to various countries. This increased visibility has not only bolstered Qatar's economic standing but also highlighted its strategic importance in meeting the world's energy demands.


  • Host Country of the Football World Cup

Qatar's status as the host country of the football World Cup has further elevated its profile on the international stage. The event has brought together people from all over the world, promoting a positive image of the nation and fostering international cooperation and goodwill. The successful organization of such a high-profile sporting event has underscored Qatar's capabilities and commitment to excellence.


Embracing Opportunities and Mitigating Risks


With the country risk rating upgraded, Qatar now presents better opportunities for businesses looking to expand their market reach. One essential tool for companies seeking to trade with Qatar is Trade Credit Insurance. This insurance provides protection to exporters against the risk of non-payment by their buyers in foreign markets. As the country's economic prospects remain positive, Trade Credit Insurance becomes a crucial safety net for businesses, allowing them to explore and exploit the new market with confidence.