Tourism Sector Report 2024 Allianz Trade in Middle East

2024 Tourism Sector Report: Will the Middle East be the new hotspot for travelers?

May 2024
  • The global outlook for airlines has dramatically increased
  • New trends to watch in the tourism industry:
  1. Eco-tourism: This trend of traveling to natural areas is increasingly popular among young adults . Saudi Arabia has the lead and dominant position in ecotourism in the GCC market, followed by the UAE and Kuwait.
  2. Language differences: New technologies, including AI, solve the language barrier issue, facilitating the travel experience of tourists boost long-haul or cross-continent trips.
  • Looking at the country level, the best-performing destinations were located among  the Middle East. Growth is this sector is coming from Qatar (+90%) and Saudi Arabia (+56%),
  • In Q1 2024, the Middle East saw the strongest relative growth - also in terms of international arrivals - exceeding by +36% the level of Q1 2019, and by +4% the level of Q1 2023.
  • Two destinations in particular were behind this strong improvement in Q1 2024: Qatar (+177%) and Saudi Arabia (+98%).
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been recently boosting its investment into its tourism industry, aiming to become a travel hot spot and to diversify the revenue inflows away from oil
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