Pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East

July 2022

Using the database to map our global production chains that involve Chinese suppliers, we estimate an increase by over +5% for each sector in the second half of the year compared to last year’s levels.

This boost in output should be stocked or solved, the latter helping to reinforce the inventory buffer against potential future shocks (e.g. if the zero-Covid policy is maintained throughout 2022 in China). 

Coming to the Middle East region, the Gulf Arab countries’ medical industry is picking up fast.m SARS-CoV-2 has propelled the industry in all countries in the region. The industrial landscape, however, remains fragmented with the UAE and Saudi Arabia taking a lead. 

Please read the full report detailing how the Gulf Arab states lift their homegrown pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sectors to the next level.

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"Pharmaceutical industry in Middle East"