Euler Hermes is becoming Allianz Trade:
rebranding FAQ

On 28 March 2022, we changed our brand name to Allianz Trade. Moving to Allianz Trade will not change anything about your contract or agreements. We have a new brand name and visual identity, but some things haven’t changed: the dedication of our teams, the passion for our profession and – above all – our unwavering commitment to helping you grow safely.

If you have any questions about rebranding, please check out below our answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 

With our new brand name, we will benefit even more from the reputation and strength of the Allianz group, along with their extensive global network of knowledge and expertise. This will help us stay on top of technological transformations as they emerge. We will imagine new services to ensure your best performance while delivering greater simplicity and efficiency.
There is nothing that will change for you and your day-to-day relationship with us. You will still be in touch with the same people. The phone numbers will remain the same. Our email addresses will change slightly, but the old ones will still work – so you can reach us whenever you need to.
You don’t have to do anything – nothing will change about your current correspondence with us.
No, the change only affects the brand name. Our legal entity remains the same – and so does the way we work with you. 
No, there is no change in our shareholding structure. We will still be 100% owned by Allianz as has been the case for the last several years.
Yes. The ratings are linked to the legal entity. As such, they will not change and will continue to be valid.

Euler Hermes is still our legal name, which is why you will keep seeing the Euler Hermes name on our documents. But our brand name is now Allianz Trade, and this is the name we will use when designating the products or services we provide.

Please understand that things may not be perfect from the start as we work through the process of changing all of our systems and applications. This might lead to delays. What will not change are our people, and our commitment to help you and your businesses grow securely.

Yes, the change only affects the brand name and visual identity – but the legal entity is still the same. This means that all of your policy documents will remain valid and do not need to be changed.
No, you don’t need to make any changes here at all. The change only affects the brand name, the legal entity remains the same. Even if the invoices have a new logo and a new layout, the entity that is issuing them is the same. 

The customer platform URL will change, but the old one will redirect to the new one so you can still use it. In any case, if you want to update to the new one, please visit:

Your user name and password to access the platform will stay the same – nothing will change here.