An Extra Gear for your Business

CAP solutions are a set of trade credit insurance products that can be endorsed to your existing initial policy, enabling you to purchase additional coverage on credit limits that have been fully or partially declined. 

Our primary objective is to offer the most coverage under your existing policy, but there are situations where you have a need for coverage on higher-risk buyers or buyers for which limited information is available. These products allow you to make strategic trading decisions while maintaining sound financial management.

  • Terms of the program mirror your existing Allianz Trade credit insurance policy
  • Both domestic and export markets are covered
  • Coverage is available for as few as 3 months, or as long as you need the limit

If you need more coverage on a partially approved limit.

If you need coverage on a declined limit.

If you currently have A/R exposure above your approved limit.

If you have peak season, one-off, or special sales opportunities.
EOLIS is an ‘always on’ technology platform that helps you manage all your trade receivables.

It’s a web-based risk monitoring service that gives you immediate visibility over trade receivables and a better grip on risk and opportunity management.
It’s a secure e-commerce service that complements trade credit insurance.