Trade Credit Insurance for Small Businesses

Trade Credit Insurance for Small Businesses

Make trading easier, improve profitability and grow your business

Trade credit insurance built to help small businesses grow

​You may think that credit insurance is complex or only suited for large or multinational companies. However, credit insurance can be essential to ensuring a small business’ continued success. It can provide powerful information and support that your business might not have otherwise.

Take advantage of a sales opportunity confidently even if the customer is not named on your current policy. Learn how Allianz Trade EZ Cover online portal can help you make an instant decision to continue growing your business.
Our most popular traditional credit insurance option. Worried about your customers failing to pay their trade debts? Learn how Allianz Trade Corporate Advantage trade credit insurance policy can help cover receivables in both domestic and export markets.
Fixed fees make credit insurance easy to understand and manage. Use our predictive information to grow your business with confidence.
Our straightforward process makes it simple and easy to set up a policy.  Then sell on open account terms to get ahead of the competition at home or in export markets.
Immediate cover will put your accounts receivable under control and protect your cash flow.  Access more favourable terms from banks and other lenders.
 – Mike Moran, Financial Controller and Credit Risk Manager at PolyQuest "

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