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2024 Canadian Outlook

The May Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose more than expected. Read Dan North's Report to learn about current inflation trends.
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Including ESG Criteria In Your Business Monitoring

Find out why extra-financial criteria should be used in your business monitoring and which ESG criteria to consider.
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How Data Can Keep you One Move ahead of the Competition

How to Use Big Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage

When growing a business, it is important to be data-driven in your approach. Learn how to leverage big data to grow sales and beat out the competition.
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Embracing the Challenge of Digital Bonding

The opportunity for digitalization has been a major focus for companies over the last several years. The Surety industry is no different. Learn more about digital bonding.
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Adapting to Challenges in the Current Business Environment

Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in the current environment. Visit Allianz Trade to learn more about these challenges and how businesses can adapt.
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Improve Your Financial Performance With Digitalization

Discover how using digital tools can improve the monitoring of your financial performance and help you prepare your business’ future.
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Doing Business With a Company in Chapter 11

What can you do if a key customer files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy? Learn how to reduce the risk of doing business with reorganizing companies with Allianz Trade.
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Financial KPIs to prevent payment defaults

Which financial indicators can allow you to avoid being in a situation of payment default with your suppliers? Find out in this article.
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How to Overcome Sales Expansion Challenges

In today’s economic climate, growing your business likely feels more daunting than ever. Learn how to overcome sales expansion challenges in 2021 and beyond.
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Surety bonds and guarantees explained

Get answers to all your questions on surety bonds and what they can do for your business – with the help of Nicholas Verna, Allianz Trade’s Regional Head of Surety, Americas.
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Financial Monitoring: Build Your Small Business Roadmap

Discover the financial indicators that will help you prepare the future of your small business and build your roadmap.
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Credit risk analysis: why you should evaluate your suppliers first

Companies should draw lessons from the semiconductor shortage and apply them to their credit risk analysis.
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