In the face of volatile global markets and widespread uncertainty, we at Allianz Trade do everything we can to make all our stakeholders feel confident in tomorrow. We want you to feel that we are always close and available to meet your needs: by providing you with high quality services, by supporting our mutual clients, by helping you grow your business.

Allianz Trade operates globally, in more than 50 countries, and is committed to maintain the same high standards of ethical behavior and compliance in every market where it is present. Our commitment to doing business with integrity and transparency is the foundation of our reputation and strong brand. This culture creates trust and confidence amongst our colleagues and stakeholders, be they customers, partners, regulators or shareholders.

This Code of Conduct reflects what Allianz Trade stands for, and what our employees live by. It provides important guidance about our core principles and values, and how we make the right decisions and actions in our daily business.