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Trade credit insurance for unpaid business invoices

A trade credit insurance helps protecting you against bad debts as well as bankruptcies of your customers. Thanks to this insurance, you can grow your business safely, within Belgium and abroad

Trade credit insurance protects your business against losses due to unpaid invoices. It is an important tool that helps you optimise your working capital. With this insurance, you improve your credit management. And you can grow in a safe and responsible way. 

We monitor the financial health of your customers and keep you informed - in real time - to enable you to trade with confidence. We take care of the procedures of collecting your unpaid invoices. In case of non-payment of your invoices or the bankruptcy of one of your customers, you will be indemnified for the goods and services you have delivered.

Deliver safely on credit

You have a clear overview of the creditworthiness of all your customers and prospects anywhere in the world via our online platform.

Collection of unpaid invoices

Our collectors take over the entire collection process from you. Also for customers abroad.

More cash available

You define a credit limit for your debtors. We guarantee the payment. You do not need to make a cash reserve for doubtful debtors anymore.
    Thanks to our insightful data, you can immediately react on new opportunities for safe growth. You estimate your risks in advance. You can deliver on credit where your competitors cannot.
    A trade credit insurance protects your receivables, your working capital as well as your margins. You reinforce the strength of your business and obtain a pledge of confidence from banks and investors.
    With a trade credit insurance, you know the financial health of your customers and you estimate the risks in advance. You choose the most reliable companies to grow and develop your activities.
  1. We assess the trade and payment risk of your customers and prospects. We continuously monitor this risk.
  2. You consult this information online before doing business.
  3. Based on the risk and our assessment, your invoice is insured, not insured or partially insured.
  4. Your customer does not pay? Then our debt collectors will do everything in their power to collect your claim. With respect for the relationship.
  5. You will receive compensation from us if your customer ultimately does not pay or is bankrupt.
Prevention, collection and compensation, these are the three building blocks of credit insurance. A trade credit insurance offers you information about the creditworthiness of your customers and prospects, ensures that your overdue payments are collected and reimburses your unpaid invoices.

There are many reasons why customers don't pay their invoices (anymore). A bankruptcy, a miscalculation or a temporary setback. With credit insurance you protect your company against the risk of non-payment and ensure that your business can safely operate and grow.

The most complete trade credit insurance consists of customer information, collection and compensation. However, you can also choose to insure a single customer or project. Whatever trade credit insurance you choose, you no longer have to worry about the payment of your invoices.

How much does it cost?

In many cases, the premium for trade credit insurance is less than 0.5% of turnover. Contrast this with the average number of write-offs on your debtors and you will see that the investment is recovered in no time.

Trade credit insurance comes in all shapes and sizes. These also determine the price. For certain types of credit insurance, such as our SME solution Simplicity, you pay a fixed premium, depending on your turnover. For most policies, the premium is calculated as a percentage of your turnover.

The following factors determine the premium:

  • Your B2B turnover
  • The countries in which you do business
  • The type of customers you do business with
  • Your payment terms
  • The desired coverage percentage
Before you decide to take out credit insurance, you obviously want to know what it will cost you. Often, the premium is less than 0.5% of your total turnover. Just 1 unpaid invoice can be enough to ensure that you have 'recovered' the premium!

Want to know what our credit insurance premium will be for your business? Fill in the form and you'ill find out in a few clicks.

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Just a few instances of failure to pay can compromise your cash flow and have a considerable impact on the health of your business.

For example, if you have a 5% profit margin and you suffer a € 100,000 debt, you will need to win sales of € 2 million to make up for the lost profits.   

In addition, your financial position can be weakened by bad debts through different potential case scenarios.. For example, in the case your cash flow might be affected, you will have less capacity for investment. Banks and financial providers  could charge you higher interest. The morale of your employees may be affected if they become worried about their future in the business.

Consider these effects and what they might cost when you think about the value you will gain from trade credit insurance. 

Yes.  Exporters concerned about political events can also benefit from a cover in the case of a non-payment as a direct result of political events in the buyer’s country.  Typical situations can be war or cancellation of a contract by the local government.  Another example  can be when a government imposes rules that stop goods to be exported or imported or when regulations prevent hard currency transfers.

Whatever the size of your company, you can optimize the management of your customer risk with a trade credit insurance adapted to your needs. You can thus sell on credit safely, without fearing the consequences of unpaid on your cash flow.

Every business can benefit from good credit management.  Trade credit insurance is one of the most important tools for that purpose.  If you are selling on open account terms to other businesses then trade credit insurance could bring many benefits.  Even if you trade on other terms, we have services that can support and strengthen your trading activity.

We have designed a range of trade credit offers for different types of business and transactions.  Please get in touch with us to discuss what would be most suitable for you.

Even if you have a strong relationship with your customers, they are not protected from financial difficulties

Monitoring the financial health of your clients and assessing the risk of non-payment requires real expertise in data collection and analysis. We propose you our expertise to protect your company and develop your business.  

We regularly ask our customers their opinion about our services. For this purpose, we work together with Ekomi. This is an independent company that guarantees the transparency and authenticity of the reviews.

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Our E-Commerce Trade Credit Insurance lets B2B companies offer secure, online retrospective payment. This insurance seamlessly supports Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) functionality.
Your business relations can ask for a guarantee before they want to do business with you. With such a guarantee, your customer will be compensated if you can no longer fulfil your obligations.
With our fraud insurance, you protect your company against financial losses caused by internal and external fraud. This insurance is especially suitable for large and medium-sized companies.