Guarantees for real-estate projects

Boost the sales of your real estate project

Are you a contractor or property developer? If so, you are, under certain conditions, obliged to comply with the Housing construction law of July 9th, 1971, better known as the Breyne law.

This law is applicable to agreements relating to the acquisition of housing to be constructed or under construction, and to transfers of ownership of an existing dwelling with an order for conversion or extension works, insofar as the buyer or the client is obliged, in accordance with the agreement, to pay one or more deposits before the completion of the building.

  1. Start together
    You contact us from the beginning of your project. We can help you in each step and make you benefit from all advantages.
  2. Analyze and plan
    You share all your information with us, you benefit from our expertise and we make all preparations.
  3. Negotiate
    We define together the best solution for you and you negotiate the best terms for your contract.
  4. Finalize
    We put your guarantee in place and you finalize the contract.
  5. Keep control
    Once your contract is signed and your guarantee is in place, you can start your project with confidence.
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Give your customer a financial guarantee that the property will be completed in accordance with the contract. Benefit from our expertise and experience in this sector.
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Businesses exploring new markets often find themselves looking for new channels, customers and users in unfamiliar regions. Guarantees for capital goods producers are essential if you want to export and grow. As revenue rises, the need for new risk management methods increases, which is why many successful exporters opt for standby guarantees. Don’t forget that guarantees for foreign customers must be structured and managed in accordance with local law and commercial practices. Our experts have been specialists in this field for many years. They have a wealth of knowledge and can give you all the advice and services you need, allowing your company to grow with confidence – wherever you do business.