Bouygues Immobilier chose Allianz Trade' completion bonds

For its “Forest Village” project, Bouygues Immobilier Belgium chose Allianz Trade for its completion bonds. What is the purpose of such guarantees, and what advantages does an insurer like Allianz Trade offer?

To learn more, we talked with Philippe Denis, financial director at Bouygues Immobilier Belgium.

Because of an increase in sales volumes, since 2020 Allianz Trade has become a full-fledged partner in supplement to the banks. With each new project, we issue completion bonds in favour of our clients at the time the notarial deed is signed. Allianz Trade also intervenes for completion bonds for roadway projects or payment guarantees for the subsoil owners.
We chose Allianz Trade firstly because of its financial soundness and its long-term commitment. The particularly attractive rates also weighed in the balance, even if that was only one of the elements taken into consideration. The notions of partnership and commitment are essential when deciding to work with a new player.
Right now we’ve worked together essentially on the Village B/C project, but other projects will soon follow. On a day-to-day basis, Allianz Trade is especially fast on issuing guarantees. Information is exchanged with a great deal of transparency, and their legal team does very reassuring follow-up. In addition, at Allianz Trade, you have a dedicated consultant with whom the exchanges are smooth and easy. Allianz Trade has found the sweet spot between digitalisation and custom-tailored accompaniment, it is very effective for managing complex operations.

Bouygues Immobilier Belgium is a subsidiary of Bouygues Immobilier, a major player in private real-estate promotion in France and Europe. For nearly 60 years the company has developed for its clients real-estate projects - residential, tertiary and commercial - covering more than 250 cities from 39 sites in France and 4 internationally, including Belgium.

Created in 2004, Bouygues Immobilier Belgium today has more than 2,100 new residences and incarnates a new vision of real estate based on comfort, accessibility and sustainability: essential elements for responding to the needs of its clients and the evolution of our modern lifestyles.

“Forest Village” is a vast eco-responsible real-estate project right in the heart of Brussels, in one of the liveliest quarters of the municipality of Forest. It extends over more than one and a half hectares and is close to stores and public transportation.

This project provides for a combination of green areas and environmentally-friendly urban amenities. It includes 7 stores or offices, 1 day-care centre and 94 residences: studios and 1 to 3-bedroom apartments. Marketing of the project began in 2020 and delivery is scheduled for the end of 2022.

Learn more about Bouygues Immobilier Belgium and its various real-estate projects:

A real-estate contractor or project promoter is obliged, under certain conditions, to comply with the Act of 9 July 1971 on residential construction and the sale of housing, better known as the "Breyne Act".

This imposes on the contractor or promoter an obligation to provide to the purchaser, when the deed of sale is signed, a guarantee of completion of the works or of repayment. This guarantee is intended to protect the purchaser:

  • Against the possibility of bankruptcy or insolvency of the contractor or the promoter.
  • In the event that the contractor or the promoter do not deliver construction works that are in accordance with the contract.

This completion bond is generally furnished by a bank, but it can also be issued by an insurer such as Allianz Trade.

  • More credit opportunities
    Asking for a completion bond from your bank will have a direct impact on your lines of credit. By contrast, if you choose an insurer like Allianz Trade, your borrowing capacity from your bank remains fully available.
  • Your premium goes down as the works advance
    As the works progress, the amount of risk to be insured declines, which is why we offer you the possibility to reduce the guarantee quarterly. Result: you no longer insure the initial total amount, only the current risk.
  • Speed and performance
    As a specialised insurer, we are experts in sureties and guarantees like the completion bonds. Thanks to our specialists and our high-performance systems, we’re often able to provide a guarantee within a single working day.
  • The security of the Allianz group
    Allianz Trade is a subsidiary of Allianz, one of the world’s largest insurers. This solid anchoring enables us to obtain a high “AA” rating from the credit agency Standard & Poor´s. This score is tangible proof of the financial soundness of Allianz Trade.
Every construction project is unique. Allianz Trade offers a completion bond for individual projects, but can also offer a fixed guarantee line making it possible to cover several distinct projects or large-scale real-estate projects implemented progressively. Contact our team of specialists with your plans and we will propose to you an appropriate coverage.