Export credit insurance

Are you exporting or considering doing business abroad? If so, consider covering your payment risks with export credit insurance. This will help you choose the right customers and prevent losses due to unpaid invoices from your foreign customers.

With export credit insurance, you cover one of your most important trade risks: the risk that a customer will no longer be able to pay your invoices. You can take out credit insurance per customer, turnover or country.

Even for transactions with a confirmed Letter of Credit, export credit insurance is an important form of (extra) security.

Information about your customers

You have insight into the creditworthiness of all your customers and prospects via our online platform.

Collection of unpaid invoices

We handle debt collection for you so that your overdue payments are collected. Also for foreign customers.


Is a customer not paying? Then we compensate the loss. So you limit the write-off of your debtors.
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3 key reasons to choose export credit insurance

The 'further' you do business abroad, the more difficult it is to assess the financial strength of the trading partner. Our database gives you comprehensive and up-to-date information.
In other countries, payment morale is more often worse. Reserves, which are part of your capital, do not have to be drawn on in the event of a claim. We pay these out to you.
The likelihood of non-payment increases the further abroad your customer is. Does a foreign customer fail to pay? Then we compensate the loss.
You have trade credit insurance in all shapes and sizes. These also determine the price. For some credit insurance policies, such as Simplicity, you set a fixed price per turnover class. For the most common policy, we calculate the premium as a percentage of your turnover. This is often less than 0.5% of your total turnover. 

The price of credit insurance depends on a number of different factors:

  • Your turnover
  • The countries in which you do business
  • The type of customers you do business with
  • Your payment terms
  • The desired percentage of cover