What is your next export destination?

TradeMatch helps entrepreneurs identify export opportunities in 70 countries and 20 sectors. Which regions and market outlets are opportune? Where are the opportunities? Which countries and sectors are better to avoid? Allianz Trade's new web application brings it into focus instantly and clearly: a reference for entrepreneurs entering a new market abroad.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the country you are based in and select the year for which you want to receive the recommendations.
  2. The first table shows you what the top 10 exporting countries are and how we rate the risk in this country. If you click on a country, you will read more about the pros and cons of this export country and read more about its economic situation.
  3. In the second table (scroll down) you will find an overview per top 10 export country of the sector size, including a risk assessment. If you click on a sector, you can download a sector report with detailed economic and financial information on the sector.

Handle exports

"With this tool, we have created a control tower for global trade," says Ludovic Subran, Chief Economist at Allianz Group. "There are so many uncertainties and pitfalls. As an entrepreneur, you need to know where you set foot on land. With this tool, we offer entrepreneurs guidance at a time that is already diffuse enough."

Continuous up-to-date export information

TradeMatch is a handy tool that is very easy to use. It is updated every quarter using more than two million export data available to Allianz Trade's research department. Forecasts from the in-house economic research team are also processed within TradeMatch.

Protect your export earnings with trade credit insurance

You get access to extensive information on your customers' financial situation. So you know exactly who you are doing business with, even abroad.
Kies de juiste klanten en markten om zaken te doen
Quickly identify opportunities for secure growth and expansion. Our information helps you make conscious and responsible choices to increase your turnover.
Wij betalen de schade die jouw bedrijf oploopt als klanten de facturen niet betalen
The risk of non-payment increases the further abroad your customer is. Does a foreign customer not pay? Then we compensate the damage.

Choose security when exporting

You enjoy doing business. We understand that like no other. With our trade credit insurance we provide security. Then you will no longer have any doubts about whether you should take on that big order abroad, and you will not lie awake wondering whether a large invoice will be paid. Trade credit insurance provides payment security, even when exporting. A lot of misery is avoided and you can concentrate on your own business to the maximum. Trade credit insurance is no guarantee that customers will always pay your invoices, but if things do go wrong, we will compensate the damage.