Do you suspect that one of your employees commits fraud? Internal fraud can cause serious harm to your company. Internal controls undoubtedly work preventive, but unfortunately, they are not able to cope with some forms of fraud. Therefore, act resolutely: appeal to professionals, document everything and inform your fraud insurer.

1. Appeal to professionals

Have the fraud determined by an expert. Think of a detective agency or an expertise agency. The sooner you do that, the more you limit your losses. If there is effective fraud and it is detected quickly, you can prevent the evidence from being destroyed. An expert also helps you prepare a claim file for your fraud insurer.

2. Document everything

Collect all documents to prove the fraud. This paper trail helps the expert to detect the source of the fraud and to list all the steps of the process. Document in detail everything you know about the suspected perpetrators and about the fraud incident, including possible police intervention.

The expert will use all these documents to draw up a timeline and understand exactly how the employee proceeded. He also maps the extent of the damage and finds out how the offender could hide the fraud.

3. Inform your fraud insurer

If you have a fraud insurance, inform your insurer so that he can open a claim file correct in due time. Your insurer will also appoint an expert specialised in fraud. If the offender is criminally prosecuted, a lawyer must take the necessary steps.

Fraud insurance by Euler Hermes

The fraud insurance of Euler Hermes covers not only financial losses due to fraud by third parties from outside the company, but also losses and damages resulting from actions of employees. Think of embezzlement or misuse of company credit cards.

In order to open a claim file, the insured person must proof that a series of transactions have been carried out that seem not in accordance with the internal policy and procedures or which are very unusual. The insurer will only intervene if it is effectively proven that the fraudulent employee really intended to harm and make an illegal profit through malicious emails, letters or other false methods.

Would you like to learn about fraud insurance? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you. Find some extra information on fraud insurance. Or read more about the types of internal fraud.


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