Cover Lease

Guaranteed payment for your leases and rental contracts

Cover Lease is a specially designed credit insurance for leasing companies, banks and capital goods producers who lease their products to customers. The policy protects you against the risk of non-payment over the course of a lease or rental contract. It gives you non-cancellable bespoke cover for contracts up to 5 years.
Check your customer and close the deal
Apply for Cover Lease before you enter into a lease with your customer. After acceptance of your application, you can close the deal and you’ll be insured against the non-payment of all lease instalments.
We take care of collection
Has your customer failed to pay, even though you’ve sent a reminder and a formal warning? Pass the receivable on to Allianz Trade for collection. Our collection department will then try to recover your debt.
We pay out your claim
Has the customer still not paid after the collection process, or is it insolvent? We’ll pay the claim for your lease based on the agreed cover percentage.
Identify your project risks and reassure your financial partners by obtaining cover over the entire project.
Payment of your leases is protected and your cash flow and working capital are guaranteed.     
Identify safe opportunities for growth and expansion in Belgium and abroad.
A single contract may bring higher risks if the value is higher than usual or if the contract term is longer than a year. Cover Lease lasts up to five years and can be tailored to suit your contract terms and meet any tendering specifications. Essential cover when bidding in new markets or dealing with new buyers.