E-commerce Trade credit insurance

With this trade credit insurance, you can securely offer your B2B customers online-deferred payment on your web portal.

Our trade credit insurance for e-commerce allows B2B companies to offer secure online-deferred payment. We check the creditworthiness of your B2B customer in real time via an API. You can then use this information in real time to decide to offer or not the purchase on credit on your online platform.

A customer who buys on credit online does not pay his bill afterwards. Your trade credit insurance compensates you.

With this new trade credit insurance, you opt for:

  • A bigger turnover
  • Better conversions
  • More comfort and peace of mind


This digital trade credit insurance seamlessly supports Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) functionality. This protects you against the risk of insolvency or inability to pay of your customers. You opt for e-commerce with fewer worries: you check your customer in advance and when a customer does not pay, we compensate you for the damages related to the non-payment.
Via our API, you perform a real-time check of the creditworthiness of your buyer, without he notices it. This improves the online customer experience.
Your customers expect to choose among several online payment options. Your conversions increase when your customers can differ payment and with them your revenue and profits.
You cover the payment risk of your B2B customers who can buy on credit on your web shop. When one of your customers does not pay, we compensate you.
  • You manage yourself the differed payment of your invoices.
  • You do business with Allianz Trade: we provide you the API with which you can check your customers and decide to offer differ payment.
  • When one of your customers does not pay, we compensate you.
  • We always offer this option through one of our partners. This partner takes care of the pre-financing of your online sales.
  • Allianz Trade provides the creditworthiness check for these partners.
  • Your unpaid invoices are also insured with this option.
The evolution of B2B buying models and more efficient forms of online selling are driving a B2B BNPL revolution. Join our partners and us!

High growth



forecasted annual growth for online B2B sales for this decade1

Digital migration



turnover of mid-sized companies are now online2

Increase in sales


up to 40% more sales with flexible payment terms 3
83 million+
AA rating
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2. The new B2B growth equation, McKinsey & Co, 2022

3. Says B2B BNPL specialist Two