What are the benefits of a trade credit insurance?

A dummy trade credit insurance gives you as an entrepreneur tranquillity and operational security, because you simply transfer your bad debt risks to us. A detailed and up-to-date insight into the financial situation of your customer is very important when you offer payment terms.

Moreover, the data and insights that we gather through our constant monitoring of your markets offer an undeniable weapon in the fight against cybercrime on the one hand, while providing extra information for your KPI scorecards and financial forecasting in new markets on the other.

Precisely this advantage will proactively support your plans for growth abroad.

Every phase of your company is associated with the taking of calculated or not calculated risks. You will find here eight good reasons for taking out a trade credit insurance:
Thanks to the trade credit insurance cover guarantee, you can reach better payment agreements and create a win-win situation for you and your customers.
Thanks to lowering the bad debt risk in transactions, large orders that generate extra stress are no longer a problem.
Allianz Trade’s experienced risk analysts provide you with greater insight into the creditworthiness of your customers and prospects. And we regularly share information on sectors and bankruptcies.
Banks regard insured claims as safe collateral, which can help you to obtain financing.
With the security of our insurance in your pocket, you can offer payment terms that your competitor may not be able to offer. This can gives you many advantages abroad and on new markets as well.
Thanks to Allianz Trade, this can be done with less administration, background checks - and this at a lower cost.
With optimally covered deliveries thanks to a fast and easy process for getting credit limits approved via Allianz Trade. So you can act quickly whenever it’s important.
Given that, after the payment demand, Allianz Trade takes the collection process off your hands, you can rest easy: we take care of the dummy collection of your unpaid invoices.