Taking care of trade credit risk

We insure your trade. You grow with confidence.
Our market-leading credit insurance protects B2B trade credit, enabling business to grow with confidence.
Our financial stability and global insights make us the surety of choice for contactors and project owners.
Trade Credit Insurance

Our market-leading credit insurance supports business growth by protecting cash flow, informing credit management and improving access to funding.

Surety Bonds and Guarantees

Our AA rating-backed bonds guarantee your contractual obligations, giving you and project owners the confidence to tackle new and ambitious projects.

E-Commerce Credit Insurance

E-Commerce Credit Insurance for B2B e-merchants enables you to offer a deferred payment condition online, with buy now pay later adding convenience, increasing basket spend and boosting online conversion rates.

Advanced Payment Protection

Advanced payment protection gives you peace of mind when paying a supplier in advance for goods or services, reimbursing you in the event of non-delivery without a refund.

Clients worldwide
83 Million
Businesses monitored in 160 countries
AA Rating
by Standard & Poor's