Trade Credit Insurance

Credit insurance protects your trade receivables enabling you to trade and expand domestically and abroad without the risk of bad debt.

Our Trade Credit Insurance enables you to offer B2B credit terms with confidence by insuring your trade receivables due within 12 months.

So if a customer fails to pay, whether it’s due to insolvency, refusal or an inability to pay under the terms of the contract, a Trade Credit Insurance policy indemnifies your losses.

Trade Credit Insurance also informs your credit risk decisions through powerful insight on who to extend credit to and what limits to offer.

Trade Credit Insurance is tailored to the needs of your business, informing daily credit management decisions as you trade with new and existing customers.
Trade Credit Insurance helps businesses grow by safely offering credit to new and existing customers, bringing with it a range of commercial benefits
  1. Protection
    Your policy quickly replaces money lost through bad debt
  2. Growth
    Expand confidently domestically or internationally
  3. Insight
    Understand customers’ credit risk with the latest data
  4. Profitability
    Safely increase your exposure to new customers
  5. Funding
    Receivables protection improves banks’ lending confidence
  6. Competitiveness
    Offer credit terms even when competitors can’t

Our market-leading business credit insurance protects your cash flow by insuring your trade receivables, enabling you to trade domestically and abroad without the risk of bad debt.

We analyse daily changes in corporate solvency, covering 98% of global GDP, so partnering with Allianz Trade also connects you to the latest credit risk data to guide and optimise your credit management.


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Offering B2B credit terms can drive business growth but what if customers fail to pay?​

In this short video, Allianz Trade customer Abbey Glass, a bespoke glazing business, shares how credit insurance is fuelling its business growth.


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If you’re concerned about bad debts holding your business back, peace of mind is a step away.  Simplicity is designed to cut the time you spend managing customer debts so that you can focus on what you do best: building the business.
Use Trade Credit Insurance to protect cash flow and receivables, find out how it works and how we provide tailored risk management solutions for Medium & Large companies.
This programme is exclusively for organisations operating across two or more countries with business turnover over £500 million. Our expert team knows that, as a large multinational, your financial structures are complex, so they build and manage bespoke programmes of trade credit insurance and related services specifically for you.

Trade credit insurance protects your accounts receivable against the risk of non-payment due to insolvency or protracted default, while giving your business the insight and confidence to grow revenues with new and existing business customers.

Acting as an early warning system for potential payment issues, trade credit insurance allows you to trade safely with new customers, trade more with existing customers and expand to new sectors or export markets.

We start by assessing the creditworthiness and financial stability of your customers, in order for us to underwrite safe credit limits on them, with risk coverage up to the agreed limit.

We provide regular updates on those trading limits, adjusting them based on changing conditions. And we support your business growth by repeating this process for new customers.

In the event you tell us about a non-payment for an insured customer, we investigate, and if policy terms are met, we indemnify you for the insured amount.

Any business that sells goods or services on credit terms to other businesses can benefit from trade credit insurance. This includes businesses of all sizes and all industries, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations.
Trade credit insurance covers your business against the risk of non-payment by your customers due to insolvency, protracted default, or, where applicable, certain political events.
The cost of trade credit insurance is based on a number of factors including the size and nature of your business, the creditworthiness of your customers and the trading limits you need.

It’s calculated for your business and the way you trade and is based on a percentage of your sales, generally a fraction of 1%. So, if your sales were £2 million last year and you wanted to cover that entire amount, the premium would usually be less than £10,000. But remember, premiums can go up or down from year to year.

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