Trade credit insurance for medium and large businesses


More than 4 out of 5 day-to-day business-to-business transactions in the UK are based on credit terms.  If customers fail to pay your financial assets will be under pressure.  You already have credit control but you need something more.  For complete confidence, access our unique predictive information and credit insurance service range.

Gain access to comprehensive and up to date information on the risk in your customer portfolio. Track and manage customer relationships more confidently.
Your trade receivables will be protected and your cash flow and profit line more secure. The strength of the business will be clear to banks, auditors and investors.
Identify opportunities for growth and expansion. Release resources to develop sales with new customers and in new markets.
For a free credit insurance consultation call our UK team, 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri.
Trade credit insurance is designed to protect you from non-payment of invoices or customers who pay late. When you take out a policy with us you will also have access to the global expertise in our debt collection service. Keeping you in business and supporting your customer relationships is important to us and we are ready to respond at all times to your requests and concerns. Our claims team is responsible for claims on all our policies including employee fraud cover and are ready to work with you whenever you need them. We promise to keep you informed as we investigate and make decisions. We will pay all valid claims as soon as possible. As a customer, you can help us by collecting all the relevant information we request about your claim and sending it to us promptly. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.