Protect your business when you pay upfront

With advanced payment protection you won’t lose your money if you don’t get what you paid for.

Paying in advance can help your business break into new markets and industries by gaining the trust of new suppliers. And in some sectors, like construction, you have to pay in advance.

But it comes with risk. 

If your supplier can’t fulfil your order for any reason – like financial difficulty or supply chain failure – you could lose your money..

Our advanced payment protection means you get all the pros of advance payments without the cons. So you can pay with confidence.

If you pay upfront, but your supplier doesn’t deliver or refund you, we’ll cover your losses so you’re not out of pocket.

We can even cover political risk – if a war or other political situation means you won’t get paid.   

So you can concentrate on growing your business, knowing you’re covered.

If you borrow money to grow your business, your lender could give you better rates if your advance payments are covered.
Paying in advance can make suppliers more generous with their discounts or finance terms.
Whether you’re breaking into new markets or expanding into different industries, upfront payments show you mean business – helping you build strong relationships with new suppliers.

Interested in a policy? We offer a range of policy options, and work with you to find a solution that works for you, and meets the needs of your business.


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​​​Tell us which suppliers you pay upfront and an estimate of how much.​​
​​​We’ll weigh up the risk and set a limit for each supplier (the maximum we’ll cover you for if you pay upfront and they don’t deliver).​​
​​​You’re all set to pay in advance without the risk of losing out.​​
​​​If your supplier can’t deliver your order, try and work it out with them and ask for a refund.​​
​​​If you can’t get a refund, claim online and we’ll try and collect the amount you’re owed.​​
​​​If we can’t collect the money for you, we’ll pay your claim in ​​line with your terms and conditions.​​
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