E-Commerce Credit Insurance

Buy now pay later for B2B e-merchants with E-Commerce Credit Insurance

E-Commerce Credit Insurance for B2B e-merchants enables you to offer a deferred payment condition online, with buy now pay later adding convenience, increasing basket spend and boosting online conversion rates.

This digital form of credit insurance from Allianz Trade supports fuss-free buy now pay later (BNPL) functionality, protecting B2B e-merchants from the risk of customer insolvency or the inability to pay.

E-Commerce Credit Insurance can work alongside your chosen BNPL technology provider or a bank, to offer your B2B customers the convenience of deferred payment, plus the cashflow benefits of instant payment to you, with any subsequent payment default handled by us.
You receive full payment immediately by using one of our B2B BNPL platform partners alongside the Allianz Trade API connection. We provide payment in case of default.
Our multi-country and multi-currency instant payment solution for multinationals works the same way as the domestic & export option, but we also involve a banking partner, alongside a platform partner.
This option enables real-time deferred payment decisions using the Allianz Trade API, without instant payment to you. And in the event a customer is unable to pay, we step in.
Boost loyalty by offering a superior more convenient online experience.
Increase basket size and online conversion rates with the convenience of BNPL.
With either the instant payment option or indemnification through your policy.
Set-up is straightforward using the Allianz Trade API connector and developer portal.
Allianz Trade gives you real-time underwriting decisions for individual transactions.
Claims are filed using the API and collection is included.
Evolving B2B purchasing patterns fuelled by the efficiencies of online selling are driving a
B2B BNPL revolution, with Allianz Trade and our partners at the forefront of this shift.

Sharp growth


annual compound growth forecast for B2B online sales this decade 1

Online shift


of mid-large businesses’ sales
are now online 2

More sales


to 40% more spend on average with flexible payment options 3

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