• Safely expand sales, both domestically and abroad, with new and existing customers
  • Make faster, more reliable credit decisions to enhance existing credit management functions
  • Strengthen the balance sheet and obtain greater access to working capital
  • Protect their business from risk of customer default and catastrophic loss

Complete the form to get a free consultation and learn how our credit risk services can provide more peace of mind. 

Your free risk assessment with one of our trade risk experts will include:

  • An analysis of 3 of your customers' potential risks
  • Insights into risk in their industry – including late payment and defaults 
  • Coverage estimates 

Backed by Allianz and with more than 125 years of expertise, Allianz Trade offers growing companies the best information about their trading partners. We're not leaving anything to chance.  

Our credit risk data at a glance:

  • 85 million+ companies monitored in our proprietary risk database
  • 1,700 sector-specific credit analysts in 62 countries + 30 full-time data scientists
  • An extensive array of proprietary and third-party data sources
  • Direct contact with monitored buyers to request and analyze financial statements
  • Real-time past-due and claims reporting from 55,000+ customers around the world
  • Machine learning and articificial intelligence to augment our expert analysts

"The data that we get is worth the cost of the [credit insurance] policy on an annual basis without question."

– Mike Moran, Financial Controller and Credit Risk Manager of PolyQuest

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Protect against bad debt loss and get paid by customers as expected  
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Safely and aggressively grow sales with new and existing customers
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Use our proprietary knowledge to make the best business decisions 
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Turn receivables into insured assets to improve bank financing terms